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About Us

2 CJ FRACAM is an import/export trading company. We import our products from Africa, we export from France, throughout the European Union an abroad (in a national and international scale) as a wholesaler and supplier of food products (interenterprise) and other goods.

Located in France (Paris region) and in Cameroon (Yaoundé, Douala), 2 CJ FRACAM’s top priority are the human Values, this is why food products are 100% artisanal produced by brave farmers to ensure the needs of their families and the well-being of consumers.

AS specialist in terms of African raw materials, we supply and sell food products such as dried exotic fruits: mangoes, banana, pineapple, coco nut, pawpaw…Butter such as cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oils such as carrot oil, coconut oil. You will find a list of all our products in the concerned section.

2 CJ FRACAM is a company run by a Franco-Cameroonian woman, originating from Cameroon, and who has lived the adulthood in France. We have the opportunity to import excellent quality products on the French market, that its president herself is happy to select, the products are chosen on her own and a reliable quality control mechanism has been set up. For any kind of need, do not hesitate to send us an application via mail, as indicated in the service section. Each demand is deeply studied. Also, concerning specific demands, we are able to provide those that are not listed in the catalogue, which thus allows to satisfy the needs of a specific market. Our network in Cameroon enables us to be closer to the producers and therefore production, to manage our customers’ orders, and check the products before each transportation, and to carry out all the necessary administrative and customs procedures. Our containers are loaded in Cameroon at Douala’s seaport to Marseille (France) or other European seaports. It is also possible for one-off shipments and according to the request to operate by cargo-plane to Roissy Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Our Values

Here in 2Cj Fracam our values are put on the frontline,and we invest in an organic farming.

  • Respect for the nature and the environment: no chemical fertilizers, no mas industrialisation
  • Human respect: the priority is to encourage the development of people attached to their land. Passionate and devoted farmers that are committed to their work in communion with the natural environment.
  • Solidarity in work and concern for the well-being of farmers in their environment
  • The ancestral know-how of different ethnic groups which bring their methods and techniques transmitted from generations to generations
  • The transparency of our production process.

Our Missions

Our vision reflects who we are, and who we want to be.
Our values guide all our actions and our decisions are made collectively and accordingly.
We provide exclusively organic and high-quality products from Cameroon 2 CJ Fracam controls the origin and the quality of products, inspects all products on site at different stages of the production process before de shipment, in order to guarantee the best quality.

Why is the product inspection necessary?

In order to

  • Check the product quality.
  • Ensure the product quality at each stage of the production
  • Anticipate on the production and shipping datelines .
  • La transparence du processus de production de tous nos produits

The commitments of 2 CJ Fracam

  • Support and work hand in hand with the farmers
  • Achieve excellent results
  • Provide satisfactory services for our customers

Our ethics and goals

  • Transforming raw materials without any chemical addition
  • Become a reference in the domain of trade and valorise the Cameroonian organic production in France.
  • Improve the conditions and well-being of producers, giving them the opportunity to flourish locally and sustainably.